3 Years in Hong Kong, What Do I Learn?

Hong Kong, October 13 2017 If there’s one thing I could learn from Hong Kong, it would be efficiency. Although sometimes life becomes too rush in every way, including walking and overachieving, but I gotta admit Hong Kong do things very efficiently.

Public Transportation: Ok, who can deny this? It might not be the best in the world but being relatively small in size, almost every corner of Hong Kong is reachable by MTR or public buses. HK subway is owned by one company which means you don’t need to spend time thinking which type of train you should take or which one is the cheapest like in Japan or UK. Changing from line to another is definitely very convenient as you only need few steps instead of walking around with confusion like what I experienced in Seoul. Even CNN agrees with me.

Bureaucracy System in the Government and University: Coming from a developing country like Indonesia, I am pretty much impressed by how easy administrative things done here. Since the very first day I arrived, I never had much trouble with immigration department. Going for a semester exchange to UK also made me realise how efficient campus system in Hong Kong. This time, SCMP supports me.

All in One: Chilling in the beach? Half day hiking? Enjoying skyline at night? Eating in the cheapest Michelin restaurant? Drinking in 118th floor? Shopping in branded stores without tax? Finding cool Instagram spots? Or, visiting art exhibitions? Tell me anything you want, I am almost certain that you can find it in Hong Kong. If you are adventurous enough, you’ll never get bored of this city because there’s always new places to explore. Having everything in one place? I call it efficiency!

This culture pretty much influences how we behave, think, and interact in so many different ways. Some things become constructive, the rest becomes drawbacks. Hong Kong is not a city for everyone, it could be stressful and ruthless at some point but the reasons above and many other things here taught me to be efficient. Time is money, ain’t gonna waste it!

Efficient Student,




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