In between Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the world

An outgoing Indonesian-born global citizen who is currently pursuing her bachelor degree in Hong kong while finding her way to reach her dreams and make the world a little better.

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“Mickey consistently went above and beyond expectations, demonstrating all the key qualities of professionalism. She is alert, trustworthy, and resourceful – so much that I often found myself leaning on her in a pinch. Most importantly, she is a joy to be around.” – PR Manager of Lazada Indonesia

Tania Amalia

“I met Mickey in Global Startup Youth (GSY) 2015 in Kuala Lumpur. She is impossible to ignore because of her very sunny personality. With her intense passion and drive, Mickey inspired me to join her as we worked on a groundbreaking idea to solve healthcare need” – Founders of Global Shapers Manila

Kathleen Largo