Dhammamitta #1: I’m a Proud Big Sis

Hong Kong, 18th October 2017 Recently, I came to realise how much time, energy and love for Dhammamitta I’ve been spending – and that’s a lot. Dhammamitta is an Indonesian Buddhist Community in Hong Kong that I initiated two years ago with two other friends because we were bored on Sundays. It has been a big part of my life in Hong Kong ever since then. And today, we are turning two! 🎉

Why Dhammamitta at the first place?

Instinctively, people will look for or stay in a community that benefits and relevant to them. Before coming to Hong Kong, I was lost until I found Buddhist Reborn who pretty much contributed to my spiritual development and introduced me to a bunch of awesome friends. As I moved to Hong Kong, I couldn’t find such community until in my second year, I was encouraged by a friend from Guangzhou to start a Buddhist community here. With great supports from kalyanamittas in Mainland China, Indonesia and Hong Kong, we finally had our first gathering, hoping that this gathering would turn to be a community that grows and learns in Dhamma.

The Growth

No, I’m not such a religious person. I started Dhammamitta not because I’m really into Buddhism. I can’t fully commit to practice five silas yet. Meditation is even such a big challenge for me. But this community has so much positive vibes that continuously remind me do develop loving kindness and wisdom. Having this role, as a founder and former president, I feel the obligation to enrich myself with Dhamma knowledge and set myself as an example that eventually push me to be a better individual.

Two years and counting

For a human being, two years are still a baby. For a startup, two years are probably trying to validate business model or market fit. For us, it’s a phase for making mistakes, learning from them, and finding creative ways to create more impacts to ourselves and the community. I’m still amazed how we’ve become one big family now, remembering how awkward our first meetings were. A lot of great things happened in between but, remember, there’s always room for improvements.

My dearest Dhammacrews, two years are still the beginning because there are gonna be many more amazing things ahead. I might not always say this, but there’s such an indescribable happiness sips in every time I see your enthusiasm and selfless efforts for making Dhammamitta better and better, and I’m thankful to be a part of this journey together with you guys. Keep up the spirit, let’s grow in Dhamma and practice kindness together!

Happy Birthday, Dhammamitta Hong Kong! ❤️


Your proud big sis and #1 supporter,


*The name of Dhamammitta is taken from Dhamma & Kalyanamitta which means friends in Dhamma | sila: morality or right conduct | kalyanamitta: spiritual friends


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