Denmark: Vitamin D I Barely Got

Copenhagen, 27 March 2017 In the last twenty years of living, never have I become so happy because of the sun. My exhaustive mood because of 12 hours of rough journey was suddenly washed away by so much joy and happiness just by looking at the clear blue sky. As soon as I stepped out of the airport building, the sunshine hit my face warmly, something I have been desperately missing for the last two months 🌞 🌞 🌞

Denmark 02
When blue sky met blue water, that’s when I fell in love with this city

And so did in the next three days; the weather was tremendously amazing. I spent one day laying down on a park and picnicking by the river while eating snack and letting my body absorbed vitamin D as much as possible. These days the sun goes down so late because it’s already spring, making us want to stay outside as long as the sky was still blue 🌲

denmark 01
Absorbing Vitamin D and probably get a bit tanned

Even while waiting for the airport train on the last day, the sky was still beautifully blue. We didn’t feel like going back to rainy UK ☔ 😕  It’s proven that sunshine does make people happier and so far, Copenhagen ranked #1 as the best place to give me constant sunshine in three days streak. Our tour guide a.k.a our friend who’s doing exchange there said the city had never been this crowded since he came because the weather was still freezing before. We were pretty much lucky, i guess?

denmark 04 copy
Look at those blue skies on top of Copenhagen!

On the side note, Copenhagen is stunning. It is colourful, well-developed with high living standard but still manage to keep its authenticity. As I walked around, modern buildings and old houses stood charmingly next to each other. People were cycling from one place to another so, it would be more common to find bike park than car park. Unlike London Underground and Paris Tube, Copenhagen Metro is very clean as well as well-maintained. What’s more, this city is surrounded by rivers, canals and waterfronts. When the blue of the water met the blue sky, that was when I fell in love with this city 💕 🇩🇰

denmark 03
Colorful Copen: Stroget / Superkilen Park / Freetown Christiania

P.s. Visiting Christiania is recommended, a self-proclaimed free country inside Copenhagen where the hippie live!

Happy traveller in the happiest country on earth,


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