Belgium: Mickey in Her Food Paradise

Brussels, 19 March 2017 This little country of peeing boy was truly beautiful in its own way. I definitely enjoyed walking around in small villages, Brugge and Ghent, full of old houses. The atmosphere was very modest and chill, a perfect place for your retirement. However, my biggest joy came from its authentic famous food. If you know me quite well, I really really really love chocolate and fries. No matter how good other flavours are, I’ll always go for the chocolate one. Always. And yes, I’m a big fan of fries too. Just a little secret, McDonald used to be my best friend when I was younger. The fries were literally my lunch every day.

As the matter of fact, Belgium has the beeessttttt chocolate in the world. Who doesn’t know Belgian chocolate anyway?? The home of mouthwatering Godiva. Here, you can find hundred of chocolate shops along the street!

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Pelicaen is seriously one of the best. Got a box for my family back in J-town

On the side note, the Belgian waffle is utterly yummy too, not to mention Belgian fries! (Although to me it looked like French fries but you shouldn’t call it so). I tried three different type of waffle:

blog - belgium 021. Maison Dandoy – this was said to be the best waffle in town. The one that I picked was brussels waffle, it was thin and a little bit crispy. It was the most expensive among all three I tried.  💰 €6 for takeaway (a bit more if you eat inside).

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While waiting for my friends shopping in Primark

2. Vitalgaufre – this is just a random waffle shop I passed in the street. The smell from the stand was so good till I couldn’t resist to get one for myself. The waffle was a thicker and chewy, just like a normal waffle I always have. Honestly, I prefer this over the thin one.  💰  3 (varies between flavour)

Chocolate all over my mouth

3. Waffle stick – the only reason I bought because it looked so cute. I got it in Ghent when we were in a funfair. The waffle itself was okay but since it was fully covered by chocolate, I love it!  💰 €4 (€3,5 for waffle & sugar only).

On the other hand, the two fries I tried generally tasted similar. It’s fries anyway, I’ll still love it no matter what 🍟  Just like chocolate shops, fries can be found everywhere with a price range between €3,5 – €5. Some shops charged extra for the sauce but they offer a wide variety of options. I should have brought my belibis chili sauce myself 😤

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Me and my love. Sorry for the overexcited face

Hong Kong, Italian, or Korean food are generally delicious as well but this country offers all my favourites in one place. How could I not love Belgium? 🍪🍫

Sugar rush after countless chocolate samples

Chocolate and Fries no #1 fan,

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