Paris: Insecurities of First Time Couchsurfer

Paris, 17 February 2017 If you never heard couchsurfing before, it’s a website for traveller mainly to find a someone who’s willing to host them in their destination. Besides free of charge, travellers get the chance to meet the locals and experience their lifestyle. It’s basically a great platform but I always doubt in using such websites. I grow up in a culture where talking to strangers is not encouraged, let alone sleep in strangers house in a strange country*. With mom always says that they might have bad intention to you and the news report too much crimes and my friends think I’m nuts to use such website, I’m completely paranoid.


Last week, after a loooongggg speculation within myself, I finally decided to stay in another couchsurfer house!! It’s a tough decision, even after I requested and accepted the host, the idea of cancelling it or simply not showing up is there at the back of my mind. I tried to make positive arguments, i checked her on fb (yes marielle, I stalked you on fb before you asked me to 😂 ). I read couchsurfing stories, prepare at least 5 back up plans (which is recommended by the site too). I was also being honest to her that I actually a little bit worried, only to find out it is her first time too. So, we talked a lot to make each other at ease. It helps a lot but still, how about everything is a set up?! How about she’s in couchsurfing because she has an evil plan?! How about if she’s using someone else’s profile?! (I keep going because life’s too short for not trying fun things and meeting new friends ✌🏻️)

Yesterday, I finally met her right after I arrived in Paris. It was 7am, the sky was still dark and a little bit raining. I was so nervous for no reason and keep praying that I wouldnt fall into a wicked trap of human trafficking in Paris (ok this is too much but it was true HAHA).

Thank God, she’s a real person!! Um, I mean exactly the same with her profile. Marielle is such a sweet and kindhearted French mademoiselle. She welcomed me warmly and let me have the whole room for myself. She offered me breakfast and coffee. Basically more than I expected (I expected a sofa and pillow only). I left my luggage there and headed to Disneyland.

Please pardon my happy face

At night, she invited some friends to come over so I got to know real Parisian life instead only going go the touristy places. We made a loooottt of crepes at home, both sovoury and sweet ones. I got some new French friends (sounds like French fries, isn’t it 🤔) who taught me how to pronounce Eiffel tower correctly and show me the real ratatouille (it’s not like in the movie guys, it’s a lie). For sure, I didn’t regret trade Disneyland’s fireworks at for the crepe party.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

All in all, my first couchsurfing experience is extraordinarily awesome. I even wonder why she’s being so nice to me without anything in return except a good rate in Couchsurfing. I couldn’t ask for a better host! Thanks for showing me that my insecurities are wrong and making a great beginning of my Paris adventure! Hope you feel the same! 💚


Ps: the funny this is she’s going to Indonesia the next day! So we’re kinda exchange information.

*Paris is a ‘strange’ city to me because I’ve never been to Europe before

A happy couchsurfer,


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