Sheffield #1: The (Uncomfortable) Adjustment Period

Sheffield, 12 February 2017 No matter how exciting exchange might sound, for me, the adjustment period is still rough and uncomfortable. Exchange is not always about the fun stuffs, but it’s also about adapting to the local cultures, being alone in the first days because you simply don’t know anyone, inefficient course system and many more unexpected things.

Shops close at 5, so does the sunThis is something that I’m still struggling to accept. Coming from busy cities like Jakarta and Hong Kong makes it harder for me because I’m used to do things after dinner. It seems my life ends at 5, it feels so late already by 8 and by 11 I’ll be already so bored.

Every morning the dilemma will be how many layers of clothes should I wear because it feels warm at 2° C as long as the sun shines but damn cold at 7° C when it’s raining. There were days that I wore too much and sweat in the classroom or vice versa 😓

Inefficient course system. I have to admit, in this matter, Hong Kong universities have a better course system where students can add/drop their modules or choose the classes they want. There were so many redundant processes that I had to go through. The most stressful part was out of so many courses available, I can only take less than five due to schedule clash, pre-requisites or taken it before in Hong Kong 😟

At the end of the day, you only got yourself. Hopefully this makes an exchange worth going because you only grow outside your comfort zone. Nevertheless, I keep reminding myself to be thankful to be here today and experience the privilege that not everyone could have it. I’m sure, sooner or later, I’m gonna fall in love with this city.

“No growth in comfort zone, No comfort in growth zone”

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West Park – Sheffield

Cheers for better days ahead,


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