Sheffield #2: Major Support System

Sheffield, 28 February 2017 To be honest, these first few weeks moving to Sheffield have been tough. For some reasons, I didn’t quite enjoy my exchange as much as I expected I would. There were days I questioned myself why I am here or missed Hong Kong so badly (it sounds weird but I miss HK more than Jakarta✌). I tried my best to fall in love with the city by joining activities and making friends nevertheless, highest credits should go to this bunch of friends who make everything a lot easier.

The Indonesian students here have been my major support system since day one. They had been answering my questions before I came, advised me to do this and that, involved me in their activities and offered help even I didn’t ask them to (especially borrowing debit card to pay my travelling tickets HEHE I owe you guys a lot 💰💰).

What’s more, I’m most thankful for today. I am a person who’s looking forward for celebrations. In the last few days, I’ve been thinking how to spend my birthday meaningfully but shits happened and I didn’t feel like celebrating anything, not even the day I’d be turning legal. Apparently, there are two other girls who share the same birthday with me so, we decided to have dinner together. Turns out that little celebration truly made my day and, most importantly, brought back the excitement to spend the rest of the semester in Sheffield. After all, this little city probably isn’t that bad 👻


Thank you for making Sheffield more like a home to me. Happy Birthday to us! 🎂

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Queens of the day

Birthday girl,


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