Hong Kong, February 28 2016 February, the month of love, has always been my favourite, simply because my birthday falls right at the end of it. This year was the first time I was being overseas, away from mom and dad. I didn’t know how it would be; I thought it will be just another reminder that I’m entering the club 20 this year but it turned out to be the sweetest one.

The sweetness started by an early birthday reminder by my AIESEC team. They came to our meeting with a pretty strawberry cake. My birthday was still few days away but I felt the warm already. Thank you bubbles, it always feels good to have you three around.

b'day - subteam

My AIESEC bubbles – Mikmok Subteam

And then, here came the big day! The day began sweetly at midnight when a big group of my fellow Indonesian buddies in CityU gave me a rousing surprise in the middle of not-so-friendly weather. Thank you teman-teman, I don’t know how to survive university life without you guys.

Bday - Team Cityu

PERMISI – Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia CityU

I woke up the next morning with a new excitement to embrace the day. I went to the sunday service as usual, but this time ended with another sweet chocolate cake. Thank you Indonesian Buddhist Community, let’s grow together in Dhamma.

b'day - kmb

February Babies Birthday Celebration – Indonesian Buddhist Community

The day continued to the less exciting part, which is ‘AIESEC Manager Summit’. I kinda hate the fact that I had works to do on my birthday because, honestly, I only wanted to pamper myself all day long. The summit started at 1.30 but I ended coming at 3pm because I didn’t feel like attending it. And when I arrived, the only people I saw were my fellow managers and VP with a cake and a huge box.. I took a few seconds to realise that we didn’t have any summit on that day! They made it up just for the sake of my birthday. Thank you bubbies, you guys are truly best friend of the year.

b'day - tlp

The so called ‘Manager Summit’ – AIESEC OGX team

After making a wish and blowing up the candle, they told me to open that box. I had a lot of things going on my mind. What crazy stuffs they prepared for me?? And guess who’s inside? MY BOYFRIEND! I immediately burst into tears to see him right in front of me on my birthday. Having him coming to Hong Kong has always been my wish since I first moved here but the timing was never right. Last week, he flew all the way from Jakarta as my birthday present. Thank you sayang, for the most unexpected birthday gift.

b'day - ipan

Big box with big surprise inside! Feels like experiencing movie scene in my life

To be honest, few days prior to my birthday, I didn’t feel any excitement like I used to experience in the past years. I told myself ‘maybe when you’ve been through something for 19 times in your life, the 20th one becomes less exciting’. You guys proved that I was wrong, I might say this is the best one so far and I just want to let you guys know that I’m really thankful to have each one of you here in Hong Kong.

Thank you February, you’ve been the sweetest ❤



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