Living Overseas Survival Kit: Kindness of Others

Hong Kong, September 18 2015 It’s been more than 365 days living here but it seems Hong Kong can always find a way to surprise me. Living overseas, alone and without the ability to speak the local languages, is tough. At the same time, you have to overcome the cultural differences and adjust yourself in the new environment.

Hong Kong lights. Source: Google

Coming from Indonesia, I personally think Hong Kong people, mostly the older generation, are very rude. Yes I know, they are probably not angry; it’s just the way the talk to others and I should have get used to it. But who knows, sometimes those small “unpleasant” conversations (should I say it conversation when I totally don’t understand what they’re talking about?) can ruin your day.

But yeahh, there are always 2 sides of everything, right? There are people who can’t be nice to you, but there are always people, and even strangers, who make your day brighter by simply listening to your stories or doing something that you never expected them to do for you. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been ‘saved’ by others both in my academic and personal life, but I’m pretty sure a lot of times.

After all, I can conclude that when you’re alone, without your parents and your comfort zone, you depend a lot on the kindness of others to survive. To all my friends and even random people who have come across my life since the first day I touched down Hong Kong till today to lend me a helping hand, I would like to send my gratitude. You guys are the ones who make me survive.

And yes, be kind to others. You never know that one day you’ll be the one who’s needing help.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind”

Some days are god, some are not, but life goes on – Repulse Bay, September 2015


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