I was Lost but now I’m Found

Jakarta, June 2 2015 I come from a country, more specifically a community where religion is a very crucial thing in life. My family is Buddhist, the one who always goes to the temple to pray and reads mantra hoping for blessings. However, since I was a kid I always go to a christian school where the majority of the students are, of course, Christian. They, undoubtedly, go to the church every Sunday and have a very strong faith about their God. But then, how about me? What’s my religion actually all about? The answer was I don’t know, so do my parents. My friends asked me what’s Buddhism, I couldn’t answer. Some of them were active in their church youth organisation, I didn’t even have mine. I felt lost until..

..until I found Buddhist Reborn. It’s a Buddhist Youth organisation in Vihara Theravada Budha Sasana where hundreds of Buddhist youths get together to make Dhamma more interesting and understandable by teenagers through various fun activities. I was soooo excited, finding a group of people with the same belief with me who introduce me to the beauty of Dhamma.

blog - BR 03
My early days in Buddhist Reborn

4 years have passed since that moment, I have been involved, either as participant or organiser, in a lot of Buddhist Reborn activities and regularly attend the sunday sermon until last year when I had to go to Hong Kong. Coming home this summer makes me really looking forward to attend this year’s Vesak Celebration. I’ve been feeling the hype since a month ago by seeing all my friends posts in social media about their efforts working on this event.

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I have decided to Wake Up and Speak Up. How about you?

Tribute to Buddha’s Legacy: Igniting the Spirit of Dhamma gathered 2000 Buddhist youths regardless their sects or temples to Wake Up and Speak Up, to understand what Buddhism is and being proud of it. More than often, we are too embarrassed to admit our religion and, realise it or not, many of us change their religion because they do not know the core values of Buddhism.

Two weeks ago, I thought this time I would sit nicely in the participant seats and enjoy the event, but then I was appointed to be one the captains of the ushers that will greet and escort the participants. I couldn’t help but getting even more excited. It might not a big role but definitely was an amazing karma, not only being a part of – but also contribute to – this youth movement to inspire buddhist youths.

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My usher team // left photo credit: Irvyn Wongso

TBL2015 was amazing! I could not believe what my eyes were seeing, the whole grand ballroom was filled by kalyanamittas. The ambience was so positive of people who want to, hand-in-hand, wake up and speak up about Buddhism. The speakers were so inspiring; they have done so much in life to fight for the development of Dhamma. And lastly, the enthusiasm of my kalyanamittas was shaking the ground, struck me with awe.

BR 02
2000 Buddhist youths in a room! Can you feel the hype? // photo credit: Ervan Rustam

I was such a fool when, 4 years ago, I thought there was no Buddhist community exist and my religion could not hold such amazing event like this. Last Saturday, we did it! And, I believe this is the start of something big ahead!

Happy 8th Birthday, Buddhist Reborn & Happy Vesak Day 2559/2015 to all my brothers and sisters in Dhamma!

BR 01
Awesome people behind the scene

*Kalyanamitta [Pali] : spiritual friends / friends in Dhamma


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