Too Many Coincidences

Malaysia, March 22 2015 This week has been the most thrilling week of the year. Too many coincidences happen in a very short period up to the point which I believe that all my lucky charms are working at the same time.

Think about these 10 Good Fortunes:

  1. A simple Facebook message from a guy I barely know from a networking event. Out of nowhere, he asked one interesting question, ‘do you want to visit KL for free?’ I definitely said yes and he sent me a link about Global Startup Youth ASEAN.
  2. Chosen to be 300 ASEAN youths that can participate in GSY.

    GSY ASEAN 2015
  3. Allowed to take a mid term exam in advance. I supposed to have Management exam on the same day with the event.
  4. Support from my parents to join the event in KL. I’ve been skipping too many classes this semester so, I was afraid to ask for permission. Surprisingly, they said yes!
  5. The event I’ve been searching for. I’m always curious about entrepreneurship but haven’t got the chance to learn more about it. Finally found GSY who not only teach me but also give me chance to implement the knowledge

    First group of friends // Happy Birthday, Beverly!
    First group of friends // Happy Birthday, Beverly!
  6. 24/7 mentors who are so ready to help us seeing from different perspectives. Seems that their brains never lack of ideas!
  7. Random idea that make it to top 8. GSY competition is about starting up a business that solves problems in ASEAN. My idea about medicine vending machine to address limited access to basic medicine in rural areas got the mentors’ attention #feelsocool
  8. Perfect team combination. I met Kay after the first pitching, a Philippine girl who is working in healthcare industry. Then came David, who is a computer science graduate. At last, 2 funny Vietnamese, Dai & Tan, to help me with the design and ideas. They are my secret sauce; everyone brought different strengths to the team.

    Kay – Dash – Me – Dai – David – Tan
  9. Promo flight ticket HKG-KUL-HKG. GSY only provides flight ticket from ASEAN countries to KL. Since, I fly from HK, they will reimburse me 150usd only. I found promo ticket at the same price with no extra charge applied! Without further consideration, I booked it! Even the airplane ticket is in my favor.
  10. From Malaysia Airline promo ticket to Cathay Pacific Business Class. My return flight was overbooked so, if I don’t mind (of course I don’t mind HAHA) they would change my flight. What good way to end the trip.
blog - gsy2
Team Indonesia!

Until today, I’m still quite surprised with the series of awesome things that just happened, it seems that everything were just meant to be. Still amazed meeting over 300 inspiring youths and mentors. Being part of GSY ASEAN 2015 will be one of the most ‘thrilling’ experience ever!

Priceless Experience: Pitching my ideas

“Sometimes, the best adventures are the ones that are unplanned”

PS: The idea of medicine vending machine actually come from a friend of mine in HK. The machine itself has been implemented in some countries.



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