Certificate to Legally Have a Boyfriend

Jakarta, February 28 2015 Me having a boyfriend has always been the biggest controversy in the house. My parents, especially mom, never like any guy whom I have crush on. She likes guys I don’t like but dislike guys I like every.single.time and every time I ask why, she will come up with a list of reasons why I shouldn’t date a guy now.

One day, they promised I may have boyfriend when I turn 19. So, 2 months prior to my 19 birthday, I had been super excited waiting for this moment so, I don’t have to play hide-and-seek every time I date a guy. It turned out that my parents prepared something crazy for me. They issued a certificate designed by my sister, stating that Mickey Jane has been granted a permission to have boyfriend HAHA

Photo 22-4-15 12 02 10 pm
officially signed by my parents #feelsocool

This sounds crazy and weird but they literally printed it out. People usually think that my parents are too strict. Yes, they are but I know they do this for my own good, saving me from a very terrible heartbreaking or any guy with bad intention! Anyway, love this crazy family a lot xx

“We never know the love of parents until we become parents ourselves” – Henry Ward Beecher

blog - certificate
Certificate Presentation Ceremony // My birthday brunch

PS: Anyone need the certificate as well? We can make one for you :p



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