Hong Kong Style Birthday Treat

Saturday, February 14 2015 One night, my roommate, TT, invited me for a dinner. I thought it was going to be early-valentine-and-chinese-new-year dinner. We are so busy this week so we decided to go to Nam Shan, a market nearby our student residence. But then, as soon as we sat down, she told me that the dinner was on her because it was my early birthday dinner (which is still 2 weeks away). In Hong Kong, the one who is having birthday will be treated for a meal by her/his friends. I was surprised because in Jakarta, the birthday guy should pay for everyone.

My early-birthday dinner

My biggest fear coming to Hong Kong was my roommate. I used to always sleep by myself, having my own freedom and privacy. However, in City University, due to limited space, I can’t get a single room. So many questions popped up in my mind. How if she isn’t friendly? Or she is a hygienic-freak? How if she divides the room to two different world and never talk to me? How if she can’t stand my habit?

I still remember the first day we met. We were awkwardly chatting and giving brief introduction about ourselves. But one semester has passed and I nearly never find something that make me uncomfortable living with her. Though we have a lot of differences but I find some things in common that unite us.

First, we both love to eat so we often share each other’s food.

Sandwich & Potato Salad by TT

 Second, we are super-messy girls, never sweep the floor and always leave the room in a shipwrecked condition.

Our room most of the time

Third, we study in the same department so we like to talk and exchange important information about our studies, classes, and teachers.

blog - roomateThank you for not making my fear come true and thank you for the early birthday treat. Let’s do Indonesian’s style after I come back to Hong Kong. Have a wonderful spring break festival with your family!

Do not angry I upload this. You look cute!



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