Little Surprises for Mam & Pap

October, 23 2014 I am blessed with two amazing parents. Well, amazing doesn’t mean that they have a conflict-free relationship. They fight a lot, even about small things, sometimes one of them makes terrible mistakes, and they’ve sacrificed a lot of things to make each other happy. What I love the most is they have two opposing personalities that simply complete each other. This perfect combination works well in raising their kids; well at least I think so. When Mami worries so much about me doing something, there is Papi who always calms her down or when Papi is losing his emotion to the kids, Mami will be there to comfort us.

My team in life
My team in life

I’m not here to brag about them but, too bad, it took years for me to really appreciates my parents. Like any other teenagers, I used to complain about them but as I grow up, people start complimenting about how cute my family is and how close we are that make me think. A turning point for me.

For me, Mami and Papi are my friends, crazy partners, mentors who always listen to their daughters. I love being the reason behind the smiles on their faces. You don’t have to be the best in class or save the world to make them happy. Spare a little time to do something special that matters for them (though I can’t make one for today). Some kids are too indifferent to do this, they assume their parents won’t like it but trust me, no matter how their reactions after that, deep down inside they couldn’t be any happier. If we can plan thousand surprises for our boyfriend or girlfriend, why can’t we do one for our parents? When was the last time you do something sweet for your them?

Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary, Mami & Papi! Mickey, Chiara, Flossie love you sooo much

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“Even if one should carry about one’s mother on one shoulder and one’s father on the other, and while doing so should live a hundred years, one would not repay them” – Anguttara Nikaya 4.2 Adhamavaggo Sutra

PS: I miss you guys so badly :((

Cheers, Mickey

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