The Disney Family

Monday, 9 June 2014 Let me tell you briefly about my ‘Disney’ siblings. Many people do not notice that all the three sisters in the family are named after a Disney character based on the year we were born. My name is the most obvious one, I was born in 1996, a mouse year so my parents decided to name me Mickey. Why not Minnie? It was simply because they expected a baby boy. Then, 2 years later,  Chiara Lionel Salim who was born on a tiger year named after Simba’s daughter from the Lion King II movie (Kiara). In our previous house, our room was decorated according to the name and other disney accessories. One day, Chiara and I were featured in Princess magazine special edition as a disney-freak family #feelsocoolImage

The duo-Disney sisters that used to fight a lot grow to become beautiful teenagers who never expect to become triplets. Three years ago, our mom announced that she got pregnant. She was 45 and not in a good condition to have another baby. Neither our parents nor us wished to have another member in the family that time. Believe it or not, Chiara and I cried on the night when my mom pregnancy test was positive because we didn’t want another sibling! I was sad because another baby meant less traveling while Chiara was comfortable already being the youngest.


But who knows? The unexpected sister, Flossie Thumper Salim, turned 3 years old today. She is so smart, adorable, beautiful (it’s hard to admit but she’s the prettiest among us all), talkative, and annoying sometimes. Soon we realize that her presence adds color to our life, her innocent acts and mumbles never fail to make us laugh and eventually her cranky mood urges the rest of the family to leave their business for a while and take care this tiny creature together. Changes happen and they are not easy but we start to believe that she is a gift to the family.Image

Happy 3rd Birthday, my dearest Flo!


PS: Thumper is the name of rabbit in Bambi movie.

PPS: Thank God, no body was born in pig year because I don’t want a sibling name Piglet 😛






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