Why Named Mickey (Mouse)?

Hong Kong, 31 October 2018 Being named after the most legendary Disney character is definitely something. Thanks to my parents, my name catches a lot of attention, especially when I first meet new people. Here’s how the typical conversation and follow-up questions I usually have.

Q: Is Mickey your real name?

Yes! It’s the name given by my parents and officially documented in my birth certificate, passport and other legal documents. This is the most anticipated question because Chinese tend to have different Chinese and English name for easier communication. So, most of them think Mickey is only an english name I pick by myself.

Q: Why named Mickey?

First and foremost, because my parents love Disney so sooo much. But it’s not the end of the story. My name is taken from a mouse character because I was born in mouse year according to Chinese zodiac. So, all my sisters are named after a Disney character based on the year we were born.

Q: So, what are your sisters name?

My first younger sister’s name is Chiara Lionel Salim. She was born in 1998 – tiger year. Chiara is the daughter of Simba’s in Lion King movie. (well, tiger and lion are two different species but let’s pretend they’re similar ok). My little sister is Flossie Thumper Salim who was born in rabbit year of 2011 (yes, she’s such a baby 15 years younger than me). If you haven’t guessed already, Thumper is a rabbit in Bambi’s movie.

Q: Why not Minnie then?

It’s as simple as my parents initially were expecting a baby boy! Mickey sounds cooler than Minnie, anyway.

Q: Do you genuinely like Mickey or just because your name?

My mom used to doll me up with all Mickey Mouse stuffs and I get used to it. It makes things easier. Whenever I have to pick a character, I’ll just go for Mickey — my bed sheet, sweet16 birthday theme, water bottle, sweater, phone casing, spoon, shoes. Name anything, I bet I have (or ever had) Mickey Mouse version of it, even my underwear. Maybe I need to find Mickey Mouse bra soon LOL

Q: How do you like it?

To be honest, I used to hate it because my primary school friends used to call me ‘mouse’. But as the time goes, I realise that this name is catchy. It raises attention and has a story to tell. One trick I learnt, whenever I introduce myself, I’ll say “My name is Mickey”, pause a bit to see their confused face, and continue with “Yes, Mickey as in Mickey Mouse.” They’ll laugh and most likely remember it.

Thanks Mami and Papi for the genius idea! And yes, I want to name my kids after Disney characters based on the year they born. If my future fiancé doesn’t agree, I won’t marry him LOL just kidding, he has to agree!

“..that it was all started by a mouse” – Walt Disney

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