Short Haircut to Show I’ve Moved On?

Hong Kong, 8 October 2018 Woops! It’s been three months since I have this shortest haircut ever in my life. It has also been fun — receiving different reactions toward my new hair and answering the same question over and over again: WHY CUT THIS SHORT??!?

To make it even more fun, I have two answers. The first one is the one I usually tell people.. *jawaban sampah*

I’m doing it just for fun and looking for something thrilling HAHA Seriously tho, people’s reactions have been so funny! Some texted me to check if something’s wrong with me. Others screamed pretty loud when we met. And, once I posted my new hair in ig story, I got direct messages more than my birthday lol

.. but the real answer is:

I’ve always wanted to dare myself to cut this short since high school but never had the guts to do so because of hypothetical insecurities in my head. What if I look fatter and older with short hair? If I end up not liking it, would I suffer waiting it to grow back??? *drama queen mode*

The timing couldn’t be better. I was about to start working and meeting new people who wouldn’t question my hair. And, I want to learn to let go. For me, this is so much bigger than chopping off my hair. It’s about letting go my comfort zone and what I believe is good looking. Long hair has always been my safe style, I’m confident with it and no special treatment or styling needed because, thankfully, I have natural straight hair. So, having this haircut is a reminder of letting go little distractions in life that makes us overthink. It happens, right? Sometimes, we worry about what people think about us, worry about failing, worry about not having enough, worry about being alone and etc etc.. We end up wasting so much energy for things that don’t bring much value to our life.

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Okay, enough with the philosophical talk. I prepared a week to grieve about my hair loss and expected people to dislike it — my mami said it at least 3 times “don’t u dare to cut this short again in your life” with her face expression as serious as advising me about choosing boyfriend LOL I was honestly surprised that I don’t regret it and none of my hypothetical insecurities happen. In fact, most of the direct messages and comments said I look good with it, some said it suits me better or  makes me look younger. Thanks people, I hope you mean it instead of just trying to make me happy haha

Now, it’s been around 3 months and I’m enjoying it. What I love the most is how fast I can dry my hair now!! After all, kalau udah cantik mah diapain juga cantik #eh No, I mean, after all, it’s healthy to try new things in life every now and then — to keep the adventurous side of you alive and to be comfortable with changes 💇🏾

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” – Coco Channel

Enjoying her shortest haircut ever,

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