The Loving Kindness We Always Learn

Sheffield, 10 May 2017 Being away from home does not hinder me from being aware of what’s currently happening in Indonesia, particularly Jakarta. I am not a politic junkie; the ugly truth is most of time, I only keep myself updated by reading my friend’s social media posts instead of reading the news itself. Honestly speaking, I don’t know in details what tremendous works Ahok has done for the capital yet, one thing I know for sure, he has won the heart of, at least, one million Jakartans. Nevertheless, since last October, there has been a lot of protests and march against him; obviously aiming to bring him down.

Knowing he was arrested today is one of the most disappointing news I’ve heard from Indonesia.  I’ve always been the loudest to let the world knows how beautiful my home country is. I’ve always had these big dreams to contribute to Indonesia one day. Basically, despite of my religion and race, I’ve always loved Indonesia, but not today. This morning, I was so furious to the intolerants who shamelessly shout about killing Ahok. I was frustrated with Indonesia’s dirty politics game. The more I read my friend’s disappointments and grieves in social media, the more I feel like crying (or I did actually). I couldn’t concentrate much in class because all I have is anger and humiliation. The worst part was I hate myself for being too emotionally involved in this issue while there’s nothing much I can do for now. I hate being helpless. Why should I care? Why do I let it control my mind? I don’t want to be one of those brainless and hatred-driven group of people 😩 😩

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But hey, this is not something I have been taught so far, isn’t always about ultimate happiness and loving kindness? Ajahn Bram encourages us to stay positive in facing anything in life because ‘good, bad? who knows?‘ When I attended one of his talks, he relentlessly inspires us to always be mindful – and of course happy – in any situations because life has its unexpected turns and worrying certainly does not help. At the same time, Dalai Lama reminds us that love and compassion are necessities, instead of luxury, because without them, humanity cannot survive. 

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Learning theories have always been easier. Today, we are given the most relevant test! When we think there is no tolerance anymore and feel insulted as minorities, then there’s no better time to put the loving kindness we always learn into real action. An invitation for Buddhist youths, and of course everyone with a humble heart, to conquer their own anger, sadness, and upset only to replace it with some love because we all know the truth – everything is never meant to be forever. They are anicca*. It’s our call to decide which direction these changes shall go and how we are going to react – to be ignorant or, the harder option is to stay positive and move forward.

By writing this does not mean I am able to perfectly erase the negative emotions or completely accept the injustice that is still happening. Also, this is not a request for us to give up or stay silent. It’s simply a reminder to show compassion in the most needed time.

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source: saya indonesia’s fb

After all, Happy Vesak 2561 B.E. to my brothers and sisters in Dhamma. May the teachings of the Buddhas be your guidance and, as always, may you always be happy! 🌻

“The true hero is the one who conquers his own anger and hatred.” – Dalai Lama

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Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, Unity in Diversity


*Anicca (in Pali): impermanence

Trying to radiate love,




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