6 Weeks in Saigon

/ May – June 2016 / AIESEC Global Citizen Programme is a volunteering abroad in which you go to a particular country by yourself to join a local project there and help the community according to SDG you care about.

Tea Talk at Sozo Cafe

Sozo Cafe was a social enterprise that aims to improve English level of Vietnamese youths. Every night and weekend, we organised a series of classes and fun activities for anyone who wants to make friends and practice their English. The class was free, students are only required to buy a drink. As a volunteer, my mission was to arrange fun sessions and boost student’s confident in speaking English

English Teacher in Orphanage

I came across to this project in Tam Duc orphanage when I accompanied another exchange participant on her first day in this orphanage. I immediately fell in love with the kids and decided to come regularly. Although these kids were extremely active and there was language barrier between us, I could feel their lack of affection and attention.


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