Journey to the Unknown

Ho Chi Minh City, May 17 2016 Today is the day! The start of my Global Citizen Programme in Vietnam. It is a six week of international volunteering exchange that, as an AIESEC manager, I have been selling to CityU students for the last two semesters. I had heard a lot of fun and inspiring stories from the previous exchange participants and managed all the processes needed for the up coming exchange participants that will go this summer. So, I was super excited for this trip and there shouldn’t be any problems for me.

As prepared as I am, there’s still a worried side of me that is scared of what’s going to happen. Indeed, there’s always first time for everything but what if I don’t like the homestay? Or what if I couldn’t get along with another exchange participants? Or what if I can’t stand the public transportation? What if the whole journey doesn’t meet my expectation? I might have been travelling to many places yet there are too much ‘what ifs’ in my mind. What makes it more challenging is I’m here all by myself.  I know I will be alright – there are gonna be awesome people that take care of me and two years in Hong Kong have taught me that there’s always a solution to every problem – yet I can’t deny that I’m nervous to see what’s ahead. I’m just praying for the best and hoping that I would be able to make the most out of it *fingercrossed*.

“Embrace the unknown, let your life surprise you”


Too anxious that didn’t take any proper picture in Saigon yet. So, selfies won’t hurt 😛

A worried girl who’s trying to get used to everything in Saigon,

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