Host of MTR Talks

Monday Train Ride (MTR) Talks is a podcast where we try to break down interesting stories from a number of Indonesian professionals who spent their career working in Hong Kong or overseas. 

We hope to make your Monday Morning train rides a lot more enjoyable by learning a thing or two with us and applying these lessons to our own lives. Give it a listen at or check out @mtrtalks on instagram

Founder & Advisor of Dhammamitta

Growing up in a community where religion is a very important matter, I always have personal connection with mine, Buddhism. Unfortunately, in Hong Kong, I barely find an English-speaking Buddhist community. So, with the support from some of my friends who are also longing to grow together in Dhamma, I initiated an Indonesian Buddhist community – Dhammamitta – in 2016.

The community aims to be a platform for fellow Indonesian Buddhists students to learn more about Dhamma in a fun way as well as the source of new friendships that inspire each others. As an advisor, it is my job to make sure the activities conducted routinely serve our objectives and goals.

Part-time Traveller

As typical millennial as it sounds, I’ve always loved travelling. I surely enjoy every bit of it, planning, finding the best deals, reading other’s blogs until the day itself. The idea of only-able-to-stay-in-one-place somehow scares me while the world is indeed a beautiful place to explore. That’s why, spending money for travelling seems more appealing than eating.

You may read some of my travelling stories here or head to instagram and search #mickeytheexplorer to see the complete list where I’ve been to.

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