Social Projects

Because human is not a reservoir of blessings but a channel to share.


Dhammamitta Education Empowerment Project is a social movement in Hong Kong to contribute to solving Indonesia’s inequality education issue. We open free English and Computer classes for migrant workers in Hong Kong, recruit volunteers to teach and establish learning plans and cultivate life-long learning mindset in volunteers and students.  

Give for Good

Give for Good is Dhammamitta’s annual social event in both Hong Kong and Jakarta. We aim to practice kindness and show compassion to all beings. Harmony in Diversity: Ikutan Lebaran (July 2018) Sharing happiness to Indonesian domestic helpers in Hong Kong who didn’t get the chance to go home during Eid Al-Fitr. We go around Tamar … Continue reading Give for Good

6 Weeks in Saigon

/ May – June 2016 / AIESEC Global Citizen Programme is a volunteering abroad in which you go to a particular country by yourself to join a local project there and help the community according to SDG you care about. Tea Talk at Sozo Cafe Sozo Cafe was a social enterprise that aims to improve … Continue reading 6 Weeks in Saigon


A compilation of volunteering activities. Outreach by Enrich Hong Kong Enrich is a registered NGO in Hong Kong that helps domestic workers to be financially independent by provided classes about money saving, family communication, and entrepreneurship. Outreach was an event to approach domestic helpers and explain about the courses’ benefits. Sedan Chair Race by Sedan … Continue reading Volunteering