Welcome back!

Tallinn, 17 Nov 2022 Today, I updated the bio in my social media profile, I came across this website link that I proudly put there for years. Regrettably, ever since I start working, I hardly make time to regularly update this blog that I used to be proud of and design as if it’s my identity. Have I stopped writing in the past years?

Not really.. I’ve been writing more than ever. While I often write my thoughts and daily story in my social media posts, I’ve been learning to write more raw and vulnerably that I don’t feel comfortable sharing publicly. More than often, I’m not even comfortable with those feelings at the first place. I tend to suppress them out of unrealistic expectation towards myself. I hide them from my friends out of shame.

I needed a safe space, a journal without knowing anyone could judge (while most of the time they don’t care anyway haha) and this journaling works wonder. It helped me to organise my thoughts, release my emotions, and eventually understand myself more. It was the beginning of a profound healing journey that I wish to share more one day.

Today, I wish to pivot this blog to be more of my safe space where I could pour down my thoughts and stories, hoping that at least one of the readers may find it useful in one way or another. And hoping one day, I will re-read all these stories and give myself a pat in the back that I’ve lived a good life.

So, welcome back to work-in-progress third version of this blog.

Cheers, Mickey

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