The Things I’m Thankful for..

This Happiness Journal will be updated (hopefully) everyday about the things that makes me happy in the last month of 2016. Some of them might be really big, but most of the times, it might be only little things that make me smile. So, what are you thankful for today? 😃 

[31/31] December 31: Unforgettable New Year’s Eve

It is an amazing karma to celebrate new year’s eve with brothers and sisters in Dhamma. I am honestly very surprised and delighted to see their hype and noise. Thank you for the hospitality and ‘unforgettable’ night. Let’s make more good deeds and happy birthday, Mangala Guangzhou!


[30/31] December 30: Congrats for seeing my face everyday!

Roommate has always been a big issue for me in Hong Kong but this year I got an awesome one. We have so many things in common but sometimes it feels we are totally the opposite. It sounds weird but true haha Well, thanks for being my beauty guru – study motivator – ldr team – shopping partner – personal photographer!


[29/31] December 28: Being artsy for a day

I’m not a really artistic person but I surely enjoy my visit to PMQ today. It’s an art space for exhibition, artist’s studio, shop and many more unique shops that you won’t find elsewhere. No wonder people are using art as a therapy because it makes you happy!


[28/31] December 28: Exploring the city 

Hopping to a few cool places in Hong Kong that are not common to the tourist. The first one is an old apartment building where Transformers: Age of Extinction move took place while another one is called Instagram Pier because a lot of people come there only to take photos. Well, this is a fun way to spend your time with low budget! 😉


[26/31] December 26: Endless shopping in Guangzhou

Another city that I was dying to visit because it’s only a short train ride away but finally I made it. The food is soooo good, better than Hong Kong I think (or maybe because it’s cheaper? 😁 ). More importantly, there are a lot of cheap, super cheap I have to emphasise, clothes, shoes, accessories and so much more!! 😍


[24/31] December 24: 3 hours of (fullsquad) Subteam Meeting

It took us a while to finally reintegrate our AIESEC journey. Although we always complained about the workload, at the end of the day, we are thankful to be the part of it. Glad to have you 3 in my team, I definitely learnt a lot and enjoyed the process. The duty might be over, but hopefully the friendship will last 🍻

Christmas eve gathering

[23/31] December 23: Creating your own sunshine

It’s been a very tough week for me and my roommate. We have to check out from our dorm today. So, we spent the whole week to find a place to stay and pack our stuffs (fyi, girls stuffs are a looottt). We’re physically drained and hate our current conditions – moving here and there and have so many things to do. Throughout the hassle, we laughed over silly things and play around to try cheer our self up. One thing I learn, despite of the situation, you can always create your happiness 🌻

6 hours of waiting visa | moving out from dorm

[22/31] December 22: Happy Mommy’s Day

Simply thankful for a mother like you; a woman with tremendous amount of love and pure heart. I love you despite of hundreds of our disagreements. Selamat Hari Ibu, Mam! 👸  #queenofmyheart

mom's day.jpg

[21/31] December 21: Piercing

Today’s happiness is as simple as doing the thing I’ve always wanted to do: ear piercing! 👂  I mean I have one, but I want to add one more. Anyway, please don’t tell my mom. Let her find out by herself later HEHE ✌✌ #feelsocool

piercing 01.jpg

[20/31] December 20, 2016: Roomie’s Anniversary

Today is my roommate’s anniversary with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend asked my help to buy her flower because they’re LDR as well. So, I went to the flower market and grab a bouquet of beautiful sunflower (my fave 😍) because she loves yellow. Happy Anniv guys, glad you guys make it to the 4th year 👫  #teamldr


[18/31] December 18, 2016: Youtube 10k Party

Got the chance to be the helper of Youtube Year End Party where they gave awards to Youtubers who have more than 10k subscribers. Although I barely know the youtubers but it’s fun and totally a new experience to attend this kind of event 🎉

Team helper!

[17/31] December 17, 2016: Celebrations Dinner

This was not a usual a christmas dinner because we got a lot to celebrate. We’ll probably not seeing each other for the next six months but I’m thankful for having them to go through almost everything in Hong Kong together. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, ceceh-ceceh. See ya! 🎉

xmas dinner.jpg
Post-exam / Birthdays / Christmas / Pre-exchange farewell

[16/31] December 16, 2016: Impromptu Shenzhen trip yeahh 🚊

So close yet so far. The right phrase to describe Shenzen because the city is actually only one train ride away but I’ve never been there before. Finally, I made it there to visit Tea Stream Valley. Trust me, it’s so pretty and worth your yuan. It feels like we’re not in China HAHA 🌷  OH! The food (and taxi) is very cheap too 💸

Doesn’t look like China, does it? 😛

[15/31] December 15, 2016: Officially done with the semester

It’s actually a little bit scary how fast time flies. It comes to an end of another semester that leaves me with only 3 semester to go 😲  I finished my 6th exam today and feel grateful for the semester. It’s been so fun because I got to try all the things I wanna try because you only young once 🎉

Cheers to many more fun things ahead!

[13/31] December 13, 2016: Happy Birthday, Lil Sis 🎂

If you think that I’m strong, you should meet my sister. In the last 10 years, she suffers from an autoimmune diseases, called psoriasis. Despite her imperfect skin, she refuses to give up, chooses to fight on and be an inspiration instead. Well, that’s actually what makes her perfect in her own way. Have a blessed 18, wonder woman 👸🏼

Do we look alike? Ha!

[12/31] December 12, 2016: We survived 28 months!!

Long distance relationship is tough but today we have successfully been through 28 months together. Thank you for always being a good companion and listener. I’ll see you in a bit! 👫  #happy12

Just realised that we actually have a lot of photos..

[11/31] December 11, 2016: When your family is in town

Today I had a breakfast with my cousin and her family. It’s been a while since we see each other so it feels good to catch up and escape from the tedious studying routine for a while. And this is the first time I meet baby Cliff! Say hi to my nephew 👶

Sunday morning breakfast with cousins

[9/31] December 9, 2016: PERMISI

Never thought that I’ll grow attach to this bunch. Would really miss our proud moment because we just did something for the first time and our lame jokes because we’re trying to look cool (we are indeed!). Thankful for the opportunity to guide this community to grow and please continue to make Indonesia proud! Love, your internal advisor

Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia CityU // CityU Indonesian Student Society

[8/31] December 8, 2016: UK Visa!!!

Today, I finally got my UK visa and I’m extremely excited. It’s like one step closer to my exchange next year ✈ Flight booked, accommodation confirmed and now the visa is issued! It sounds lame but it’s gonna be my first time to be out of Asia. Omg 😱  #keepcalmandtraveltoUK

So ready to experience eargasm listening to British accent!

 [7/31] December 7, 2016: Wake up at 11 am

As final week is approaching, I set a regular sleeping time from around 2am till 9am. After almost a week, I think my body got exhausted and today I overslept till 11 am and trust me, it feels so good. These days, it’s just feel soooo good to have extra 2 hours of sleeping. #sleepisfortheweak


[6/31] December 6, 2016: Graduation Season

So, this month is a graduation season for CityU. I’m just overjoyed to see these people reach another milestone in life. I read each graduation post I saw in social media and none of them wrote any regrets or disappointments. All I see is they’re ready to embrace what life has to offer them after this. Well, congratulation, grads! 🎓  #cantwaitformine

Best wishes for your next adventure!

 [5/31] December 5, 2016: Curling Skills

Curling hair with curling iron is easy, but curling hair with straightening iron?? Oh, please! How could you do that? 😯  The boredom of exams gave me motivation to watch youtube tutorials and today, I did it! Not bad, huh? Anyone’s thinking to give this poor lady a tutorial? 💇  #beautyisapain

wavy 03.jpg
Reality vs Expectation

 [4/31] December 4, 2016: Free Nutella

Today’s happiness was as simple as a free nutella jar. Fyi, I only eat chocolate. I mean chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, chocolate ice cream. And, even for coffee, I’ll pick is mocha since it’s chocolate & coffee. With that being said, now you know how a jar of nutella means to me 😛  #happytummyhappyme


[3/31] December 3, 2016: 7 consecutive days of meditation

While I’ve always known that meditation is good, it’s just soooo hard for me to start. Recently, I found my motivation: improve-my-concentration-to-get-better-GPA HAHA. As shallow as it sounds, I started and try my best to do it every night. Today, for the first time, I did it for 7 days streak! wohooo! 😇  #achievementunlock

My meditation records in Satva apps | Left: my meditation situation

[2/31] December 2, 2016: An Indian bitch to survive classes

When I was a kid, I used to watch Indian movies and kinda obsessed with wearing their beautiful dress. Now, I have one Indian good friend in class. She was surprised when I told her that I can sing Indian songs and this is what we do when we study! #indianbyheart

[1/31] December 1, 2016: Stable Internet Connection

In last few months, internet in my room has been so bad that we never had a steady skype and usually ended up being pissed off. Last night, we called for two hours without interruption at all! Happy that the how’s-your-day call before bed lasted till 2 am 💕 #teamldr

blog - happiness 03.jpg

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